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    Julibao-RC2017 Shuttle ribbon weaving machine Latest design of small warp beam back structure use for shuttle ribbon weaving machine, easy for user to warping and installing. New back structure able to ensure machine weaving different ki
    JULIBAO-DB9000DX High speed bouble beam jacquard fabric rapier loom Suitable for all kinds of double warp fabric weaving, has been widely used in production of shoes vamp fabrics, curtain fabrics, etc.
    JuLiBao R9500SX High Speed Label Weaving Machine Latest developed JLB-TCS thermal cutting system, precisely monitor the fabric moving speed and auto adjust the cutter temperature, achieve soft edge cut quality.
    JuLiBao R880 Label Weaving Machine Advantages of speed, to realize 480-550rpm normal running speed. Beating-up fast, to realize the demand of high quality label easily, reach colorful cubic effect and compact weaving.
    JuLiBao E58S narrow width high speed label weaving machinde "E58S" narrow width high speed label weaving loom, that is our company combines with italian famous loom manufacture enterprise, use many latest technology achievements of the global, such a
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